About Us

Fremont Elementary School is one of the oldest schools in Riverside. Located in the city’s north side, Fremont is less than a mile from the site of the original Mexican settlement in Riverside, La Placita. Many of our students are descendants of those original settlers. Our student population reflects the cultural diversity that makes Riverside so rich.

Essential Information:
  •  Founded in 1917
  •  The Home of The Huskies
  •  Our school colors are Blue and Gold
  •  Our motto is "On The Path To Success"

Fremont Elementary School

Phone: 1-951-788-7466
Fax: 1-951-778-5380



Sixth Grade Promotion is Wednesday, June 14, 2017 at 9;00 AM. Please plan to join us to celebrate your child's promotion to middle grade. Please note, noise horns are not permitted. If you bring large bouquets of balloons, please plan to sit near the back.   

Wear your university or college t-shirt every Wednesday!

No events available.